For most of us these days, life can be hectic!  To keep my sanity and be true to myself, I craft. My early interest in arts and crafts began when I was a child and eventually led to me earning a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art.  But these days, it's all about crafts and projects and the therapeutic benefits of getting my hands dirty!

Crafting for me takes on many forms:  sewing, DIY furniture painting, home decor projects, jewelry making, photography and the list goes on.  There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment that comes from having an idea for a project, to endeavoring in the work, and then seeing the end result before my eyes!

I have been a  stay-home-Mom for twelve years (where did the time go?) I ask myself this question everyday.  I have certainly taken-on my share of craft projects with my kids. My experience doing arts and crafts with my children began in their preschool years and continues to this day!  I guess you could say that I can't imagine life without some sort of crafty mess happening in part of our home!  Even when a project doesn't go as planned, it still feels good to have tackled it.  Sometimes it's about the process more than the end result...

This site is where I'll share my projects and inspiration.  Hopefully this blog will inspire your inner creativity, and you'll have FUN in the process!

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